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Content Management (CMS)

Every business's online presence needs a world-class CMS

Concrete5 and Umbraco are two powerful CMSs that drive hundreds of thousands of websites around the world


A CMS powerhouse, Concrete5 started as a commercial product in 2003 and went open source in 2008. In 2011, it was named the fastest growing CMS project in 2011 and won the People’s Choice CMS Award for best open source CMS in 2012. As a CMS, it is a robust and easily configurable system, providing full functionality right out of the box and is the choice for small to mid-sized businesses.


Launched in 2005 as an open source CMS, Umbraco provides a high performance cutting edge solution to content management, ideal for large complex websites with high traffic volumes. With Umbraco, you have full design control and the ability to manage all your digital content on one platform. It is easily customisable by web developers, web designers and non-geeks alike, has an intuitive drag and drop media library facility and the ability to create multi-lingual sites with ease.

Content Management

Concrete5: The inline content and editing features of Concrete5 makes it easy to edit content, headers, footers or sidebars without needing to access a dashboard. You can select the design of a new page without using any code and even select a different theme for each page or edit a theme, all on the fly.

Umbraco: With a focus on simplicity, speed and performance, Umbraco sets a high standard on content management and usability. The visible content tree in the sidebar makes it easy to edit, add, delete or move pages and because it is based on Microsoft’s .NET technology, you can even edit your web pages in Microsoft Word or whilst offline.


Concrete5: Manage and edit your blog posts inline, change the headers, add tags or images and embed media all at the front end, without a dashboard.

Umbraco: Using a blog add-on you can write, post and edit posts with ease. Manage comments, include a contact form, include multiple authors, add tags, manage blog archives, include an RSS feed and manage SEO all in one module.

Landing Pages

Both Concrete5 and Umbraco are highly customisable and immensely flexible, allowing you to easily create as many landing pages as you need. You can edit your chosen theme in the WYSIWYG editor, change the fonts, colours, and background and page layouts. Images and videos can be dragged and dropped to your landing pages for greater customisation.


Umbraco and Concrete5 provide a solid framework to power your eCommerce sites – whether it is a small online shop or a large and complex corporate mega-site. Adding and changing products and prices, denoting the availability of stock, adding new images and managing the checkout process are all performed in one single user-friendly screen.


Concrete5 and Umbraco have large and growing online communities, providing easy access to chat forums and community driven blogs. In addition, both CMSs integrate flawlessly with all social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

If you need help in developing or managing your social media presence, chat to us about our social media management services and let us make your networking experience stress free.

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