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Concrete5 is the better choice for PHP/MySQL

Concrete5 started as a commercial product in 2003. Since going open source mid 2008, Concrete5 has grown to power hundreds of thousands of websites and was recently named the fastest growing CMS project in the 2011 Open Source CMS Market Share Report.

Content Management

Concrete5 is a PHP-based CMS that stores its data in a MYSQL database and is designed for people with a minimum of technical skills. While it is fairly easy to learn, this CMS also has the power and the flexibility required by top web developers. A key feature of Concrete5 is the ability to edit content directly on the page, rather than using a dashboard, which makes this CMS extremely user-friendly.


In context editing makes posting blogs a breeze in Concrete5. Add or edit images, videos, audio files or text directly on the page. The WYSIWYG editor has full functionality and you can manage your archives, tags and categories with ease and schedule posts, all from the same page.

Landing Pages

A nice feature of this CMS is the ability to modify the page type and set a different theme for each page. This lends itself well to creating a stand-alone landing page, sales page or squeeze page. A great feature is the ability to revert to an earlier version of the page, if you need to do so.


Concrete5 is a sleek, responsive and easy to use CMS and with an eCommerce add-on, becomes a powerful online store. Set-up is easy and you can have your shop online and ready to go in minutes. Updating your product line and making changes to prices, colours etc., is a breeze in Concrete5. This eCommerce add-on even integrates flawlessly with your social media platforms, as well as other websites.


An active and growing community of forums and blog chats, make working with Concrete5 a positive experience. Help is always at hand and information is readily available for web developers, web designers and non-geeks. At WCP Digital we also provide an on-going customer service to our clients, so you will never have to worry about the back-end of your website.

Another nice feature is that Concrete5 also integrates flawlessly with all social media platforms and if you are not up to speed with your social media – WCP Digital can manage this aspect for you as well.

An introduction to Concrete5

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Web developer, Concrete5 or Umbraco?

We'd love to help. Call now: 1800 422 767

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