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Every WCP Digital website is powered by a solid, scalable content management system

Concrete5 PHP/MySQL/Apache

As a PHP-based CMS, Concrete5 is used to build block based websites that have enough out-of-box features to keep it simple for non-techies, but with a solid API for web developers to get their teeth into. For a non-geek, the best features of Concrete5 are the ability to edit pages and posts on the fly and drag and drop images and other elements into a page. Concrete5 is fully customisable and has a gentle learning curve.

Umbraco Microsoft.NET

One of only a few CMS’s built on Microsoft’s .NET technology, Umbraco offers the flexibility to create anything from a small mini-website right up to a large complex corporate site. Requiring a sharper learning curve than Concrete5, Umbraco, once set up, provides a highly flexible and intuitive framework for both web developers and web designers to create a customised branded online presence for your business. 

Content Management Systems (CMS)

Both Concrete5 and Umbraco are powerful and robust content management systems, well suited to companies that require a uniquely branded web presence. Unlike most other content management systems, both Concrete5 and Umbraco are highly scalable and will grow as your business expands. This means that you won’t have to transfer your website to a different system in the future, to accommodate your growing business.

Branding, Identity and Design

The flexibility of these two CMSs is ideally suited to creating an online branding identity, one which is highly customised and focused. A positive brand perception by your targeted audience is vital to your ROI and both Concrete5 and Umbraco give you the ability to clearly define your message and your brand in an environment that is fully supported and state-of-the-art.

Combine these two robust CMSs with WCP Digital’s expertise in graphic design and you have a system that will not only increase traffic, generate leads and improve sales, but one that will give you a positive return on your investment.

Responsive Sites for Smartphones and Tablets

The increase in mobile devices and the rapid change in consumer buying behaviour has meant that businesses must ensure their websites display flawlessly across all mobile devices. This includes iPhones, smartphones, Android tablets and tablet iPads. Both Concrete5 and Umbraco are fully responsive designs that present a consistent branding experience to your targeted audience, regardless of the device they use to access your website.

Client Focused

At WCP Digital, we are graphic designers and web developers and are completely focussed on the needs of our clients. We use Concrete5 and Umbraco because we know that these content management systems are solid platforms and will serve the needs of our clients as their business expands over time.

Every day, we invest all of our time and talents in our work, aiming to provide our clients with a complete digital web solution - one based on integrity, passion and value for money. At WCP Digital, we believe that we achieve this aim.

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